Doc Spevak and I have often discussed the benefits of nutrition for our overall health,  as well as the benefits of exercise for our overall health. We know that both nutrition and exercise are vital to our health. The research is extensive on importance of good nutrition and the importance of consistent exercise in living a healthy life.

My question for you today is which is MORE important to you for your overall health? Nutrition or Exercise

Doc Spevak says nutrition is way more important than exercise for his health and says it’s about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise (and yes, he eats kale for a living). For me, exercise is way more important than nutrition for my health... about 80% exercise and 20% nutrition.  (I exercise like a maniac and I like doughnuts).

So let me know which is more important to your own health... Exercise or Nutrition and give me your breakdown in percentages as for how important nutrition is to you and how important exercise is to you. And also maybe a sentence or two for your rationale would be great.

And no riding the fence... 50% for nutrition and 50% exercise is not an acceptable answer.

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