Sitting is Killing Book

All This Sitting Is Killing You

This book is dedicated to providing readers with a better understanding of the effects of sitting on the body, and more importantly, providing specific strategies to combat, prevent, and reverse the myriad of problems associated with sitting. Additionally, readers will attain a better understanding of the many ways to improve their overall health and well-being.


Love the breakdown of scientific facts, anatomy, and supporting statistics in this book! The information is accessible and easy to understand. I really like the clear illustrations along with the "Common mistakes" bullets which help clarify the preciseness of the movements. I am finding the book useful with my stretching, balance, and strength. This book is a great tool to help live stronger, longer!

I love this book and recently bought one for my best friend. This is a must book for everyone to own. I have learned so much from Dr. Anderson!

Dr. Parley Anderson has laid out a very compelling book on the health problems that occur with a sedentary life style. With so many people today have to sit at a computer for their work or play video games for hours at a time, Dr. Anderson lays out in a very clear way on how this is affecting our bodies in ways we never thought. He gives simple and effective things we can do to help ourselves live better.
This is a must read for all ages .
Michael Welch
Occupational Therapist
Certified Hand Therapist

I own a Pilates studio and am always on the lookout for great reference books for my students and instructors. Dr. Anderson did a great job in explaining and illustrating common complaints I hear from students often. How do I improve my posture and balance?

Why do I have back and neck pain? What are the best exercises for these chronic conditions most often caused by too much sitting?

He addressed these questions and more In a very simplified way to read and follow instructions to have less pain and enjoy life again through healthy movement. Kudos to him for taking the time and effort to share his years of experience and expertise in a very hands on style of book.

This is an excellent book that includes data, diagrams and a how to for improving our postural issues causing pain and helath problemd. There is information on the data of optimal alignment of our sitting, the medical consequences and the orthopedic and spine consequences of improper sitting. Ideally we are not sitting at all. As we transition to a workforce working from home it is necessary to optimize her ergonomics and still to limit our sitting time for optimal health.

Dr. Anderson does a fantastic job of giving exercises as well as optimizing her ergonomics in the workplace, at the desk, at home while watching TV, lifting as well as at the gym.

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